Better than evening news


I am in the middle of Poldark, this delightful and escapist Masterpiece Theater production of a family saga that takes place in Cornwall England in the late 1800s. Watch it for the scenery, the swashbuckling, the tales of class and morality, and the pure fun of it. There are heroes and villains, tragedy and love stories, travesties of justice and moments of triumph. Much better than the evening news!

Beauty & Fury

The Wife - 1-thumb-700x466-200735.jpg

Glenn Close’s performance as the wife of a Nobel Prize-winning novelist in the Academy Award-nominated film, The Wife, is stunning, and not only because this is great acting. In the midst of the #MeToo movement, it is an arresting and indelible commentary on the toll paid by women when their voices are muted. The film is painful because it lands so squarely on the sad truth – that for eons women artists (and others) could only have their work seen and heard when challenged through men. The film is beautiful, infuriating and essential viewing.