Build an esprit de corps.

We design and facilitate meetings of staff, boards, and key constituents with the goal of creating alignment, shared purpose and an agreed upon set of priorities and action plan. Facilitated meetings are also offered when leadership wants to address a specific problem or opportunity and requires an outside voice and perspective to shape an agenda, solicit individual perspective and then weave them together into a true collaboration and consensus.

When gathering over a period of time -- for a day or a long weekend -- teams have the opportunity to build an esprit de corps, an integrated plan for action and growth, a dedication to mission and a set of shared values and mission.  We design and facilitate retreats for boards, staff (and a combination thereof) that are fun, deeply engaging and produce actionable results and a strengthened culture. 

We design workshops of several hours to a full day in duration that build skills needed to get your job done.  They cover a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Developing Mission and Vision

  • Fundraising

  • Creating a Culture of Accountability

  • Board Engagement

  • Internal Communication


Blue Man Group
Joanne knows exactly which questions to ask, how to phrase them, and in what order to get you to the answers — and results — you need.

She has not once, but TWICE led our team in strategic decision-making that enabled us to grow and thrive as an organization.
— Mae Watson Grote, Founder & CEO, The Financial Clinic

photo by elizabeth jordan

photo by elizabeth jordan

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