The Founders Sessions

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Join other courageous founders of organizations and companies with a purpose to keep your edge and your sanity!

The Founders Sessions is a cohort learning experience designed by Pam Allyn and Joanne Heyman to leverage their combined experience on behalf of social entrepreneurs who have launched, or are thinking of creating, a non-profit, social enterprise or foundation.  With over 50 years of collective experience starting and running organizations, advising, mentoring, mothering, teaching, publishing, and talking to groups large and small, Pam and Joanne are partnering to offer insights, tools and networks that support growth and sustainable success.

...everyone who comes in contact with her quickly comes to trust her, and this is obviously a big deal...

...because what makes organizations work is a dollop of best practice plus a heap of mission, but all cooked in a broth of trust and fellowship...
— Joshua Wolf Shenk, Executive Director, Black Mountain Institute



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