Games R Us

Games R Us

For a stay-at-home night that brings friends, family and even strangers together, there’s nothing that beats cooking a beautiful meal, opening a great bottle of wine and settling in for a mean game of Scrabble, Charades or Cards Against Humanity...the options are endless. To help get you started, I've taken the liberty of sharing my favorite games here. Play often. Play smart. Most importantly, play together.

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While I’m an avid movie-goer, there’s something special and electric about going out to listen to live music. I love the energy – in both intimate and large settings – and the deep sense of connection that comes from being present with musicians and singers alongside your date. A while back, I went on a double date (shout out to Joe DiMona for putting it together) to listen to the divine Cyrille Aimee. The combination of gorgeous vocal arrangements, a killer band, and her infectious presence make for an evening of entertainment and a feeling of, yes, love.

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Healing Together

Healing Together

I'm on the board of a wonderful organization called The Dinner Party. They are building a worldwide community of 20- and 30-somethings who have each experienced the loss of a parent, partner, child, sibling, other close family member, or close friend. Their mission is to transform life after loss from an isolating experience into one marked by community support, candid conversation, and forward movement using the age-old practice of breaking bread.

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Connecting Leaders

Connecting Leaders

I’m a proud member of NationSwell, a national organization of leaders dedicated to service.  The organization connects leaders of non-profits, foundations, companies as well as government officials and consultants, providing opportunities to learn from each other and increase our impact – individually and collectively.  Their website is rich with content, and the gatherings feature inspiring speakers and concrete calls to action.

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Champion of Women


Susan McPherson and I crossed paths years ago when I worked at the Corporation of Yaddo, and I have delighted as I’ve witnessed her become one of the most passionate and thoughtful voices in corporate social responsibility, strategic communications, angel investing and women’s leadership. She is as generous as she is savvy, and in honor of Women’s History Month has highlighted a different amazing woman every day of March on her social media platforms, sharing stories of strength, smarts, and super-human impact. Take a peek, continue to follow her and follow her lead in being a champion of women!

Get Connected


When I was the Executive Director of the Urban Zen Foundation, I had the privilege of attending the inaugural Women Inspiration & Enterprise (WIE) conference co-founded by Dee Poku. Over the past ten years, Dee has built WIE into a powerful leadership network, and hosts must-attend lectures and gatherings for women who are hungry to learn from each other and to make a measurable impact in their world. Her mission and that of WIE: to increase the number of women who reach top leadership positions. She practices what she preaches, serving as a leader and advisor across multiple platforms and sectors.

Stay Motivated


I absolutely love listening to Krista Tippet, her guests and her collaborators at On Being. When I want to ’Tune in to tune out” or really just get a mindful tune-up, I tap into the wealth of wisdom, compassion, intelligence and sometimes even humor offered here. Her radio show and podcast combine gentle tones and questions that feel designed to get to the heart – literally – of any matter.

Untangle Your Mind


I’m a big fan of my dear friend Patricia Karpas’ Meditation Studio App. You can access an array of talented meditation teachers and find a style that suits your preferences. They’ve done a great job curating guided meditations, selecting approaches that offer anyone who is interested, the opportunity to explore meditation and find the voice that fits!


Better than evening news


I am in the middle of Poldark, this delightful and escapist Masterpiece Theater production of a family saga that takes place in Cornwall England in the late 1800s. Watch it for the scenery, the swashbuckling, the tales of class and morality, and the pure fun of it. There are heroes and villains, tragedy and love stories, travesties of justice and moments of triumph. Much better than the evening news!

A Study On Behavior


After hearing Robert Kegan speak at the Next Practice Institute this fall, I eagerly dove into one of his seminal works, an incredibly insightful and practical guide to understanding what it takes to truly change our behavior – as individuals and as teams – in the workplace. The book is filled with case studies and exercises that highlight the importance of digging deep, really deep, into our habits of thinking, speaking and acting to understand their origin. Once light is shed on how our values and belief systems evolved to protect us (our immunity) we can begin the hard and important work of rewriting our narrative, one that serves our true goals and interests.

Family the snow


If you ask my family about show-shoeing, you’ll get a range of answers, but for my money, it’s one of the best winter outdoor activities (weather permitting of course). When the snow falls, you just strap on these funny-looking contraptions and head out for a walk. We’ve trekked locally and in the high peaks of the Adirondacks. It’s a great cardio workout, an opportunity to have a rigorous but quiet communion with nature, and is low impact on the environment and your knees!

Beauty & Fury

The Wife - 1-thumb-700x466-200735.jpg

Glenn Close’s performance as the wife of a Nobel Prize-winning novelist in the Academy Award-nominated film, The Wife, is stunning, and not only because this is great acting. In the midst of the #MeToo movement, it is an arresting and indelible commentary on the toll paid by women when their voices are muted. The film is painful because it lands so squarely on the sad truth – that for eons women artists (and others) could only have their work seen and heard when challenged through men. The film is beautiful, infuriating and essential viewing.

"...power of learning..."


This highly regarded memoir is a stunning story filled with courage, humility, love, grit, and humanity.  I was moved by Tara Westover’s extraordinary strength and her ability to describe her family members as complicated characters that elicited anger and compassion.  The value of an education achieved by many means and in many places is a testament to the power of learning as a goal unto itself and a means of deliverance.