While I’m an avid movie-goer, there’s something special and electric about going out to listen to live music. I love the energy – in both intimate and large settings – and the deep sense of connection that comes from being present with musicians and singers alongside your date. A while back, I went on a double date (shout out to Joe DiMona for putting it together) to listen to the divine Cyrille Aimee. The combination of gorgeous vocal arrangements, a killer band, and her infectious presence make for an evening of entertainment and a feeling of, yes, love.

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Stay Motivated


I absolutely love listening to Krista Tippet, her guests and her collaborators at On Being. When I want to ’Tune in to tune out” or really just get a mindful tune-up, I tap into the wealth of wisdom, compassion, intelligence and sometimes even humor offered here. Her radio show and podcast combine gentle tones and questions that feel designed to get to the heart – literally – of any matter.

Untangle Your Mind


I’m a big fan of my dear friend Patricia Karpas’ Meditation Studio App. You can access an array of talented meditation teachers and find a style that suits your preferences. They’ve done a great job curating guided meditations, selecting approaches that offer anyone who is interested, the opportunity to explore meditation and find the voice that fits!