Strategy Development & Execution

Drawing on extensive experience as practitioners, we offer strategic advisory services for leadership and management that result in enhanced performance, improved communication, and measurable results.

We design actionable plans, both strategic and tactical, that connect people, organizations, issues and opportunities. Our approach is cross-cutting and comprehensive: We drive growth through revenue generation, partnerships, and program development. 

Heyman Partners guides program design to enhance reach and impact, and facilitates board development and engagement. We articulate key staff roles and responsibilities to meet long-term goals and tactical objectives. And, we create messaging that promotes our clients' vision and positions them as market leaders.


Philanthropy & Fundraising

We work with our clients to articulate a theory of change that governs grant-making as well as program development, and identify high impact philanthropic strategies and opportunities.  We map the landscape – by issue, by geography, and by program area – to ensure that our clients’ investments are targeted and have maximum impact.

Our fresh ideas for revenue generation and fundraising bring into focus clients’ unique value propositions, and ensure that fundraising ambitions are supported by realistic plans, case statements, proposals and solicitation strategies that drive bottom-line success. Additionally, we design high impact events that drive visibility, funding and meaningful connections.



At Heyman Partners, we understand the power of -- and possess the ability to -- develop partnerships and initiatives that work for all parties at the table. We identify strategic partnerships within the pro-social sector that align missions, core assets and capabilities. Our goal is to bring together industry leaders and institutional partners across sectors, providing strategic introductions that lead to meaningful and productive alliances.

Joanne heyman, donna karen, Rodney yee, & Colleen saidman urban zen foundation

Joanne heyman, donna karen, Rodney yee, & Colleen saidman
urban zen foundation

Joanne Heyman is a sharp advisor who applies all the important business principals to the non-profit world...

...she has vast experience combined with a strategic mind.

Joanne is able to plan and execute smoothly and has demonstrated time and again that each project has to begin with a strategic plan and end with a successful ROI...
— Gally Mayer, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Jerusalem Venture Partners and Board Member, Urban Zen Foundation

Photo by elizabeth jordan

Photo by elizabeth jordan

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