Intentions, Not Resolutions


As resolutions frequently fade as quickly as the winter sun, I thought it would be useful to set a couple of intentions for 2016.  

So, in no particular order:

  1. Listen well.  Really well.

  2. Engage completely with the task at hand.

  3. Laugh as often as possible.

  4. Seek to nourish and nurture and let others do the same in return.

  5. Rely on both intuition and intellect, balancing them as appropriate.

  6. Remember that the pauses - between breaths, thoughts, actions, and words - are frequently the most powerful and profound places to be.

  7. Slow down.

  8. See beauty in expected and unexpected places.

  9. Refrain from assumptions.

  10. Avoid distractions.

  11. Take responsibility but don’t indulge in guilt or blame (of self or others).

Enjoy the ride!!!