White Lies and Integrity

It’s happened to us all.  You miss a deadline and have a “reason.”  You hear for the upteenth time that the person who was supposed to come and do a project at your home had a family emergency and, at the last minute, leaves you holding the bag/shovel/wrench/ladder.  We do it, we hate it when it’s done to us, and yet we might fail to see that it is all a part of a whole.

What if there were a pact to never tell a white lie, to own our missteps, to take full responsibility for the thing not getting done?  I wager that we could start a wave of higher integrity, allowing those around us be just fine telling the truth. There might not be that call the night before about why someone is not showing up.  We might force ourselves to sit down at the computer and do the work instead of thinking about what we’re going to say about why we didn’t do it.  I can see a beautiful shift occurring in which there is no need to make excuses (which make us feel rather lame anyway) and no space for those small white lies that pile up, get dirty, and create barriers of mistrust and frustration. To ponder!