Do You Need A Little Leadership Therapy?

Leadership Therapy is the phrase one of my clients used to describe what I do when I’m coaching him and his team.  I love it, because it’s direct, cheeky, and catchy (no wonder he runs one of the country’s most innovative cultural and intellectual centers!).  


It's a process of supporting leaders as they transform institutions and themselves, seeking greater clarity, ease, and effectiveness.  It encompasses the entirety of our experience at work and emphasizes how to bring your whole self to it, and how to create boundaries.  It unearths important truths about how you operate in the world – how you think, communicate, manage and lead.

And, it's action-oriented, focusing on practices that create greater understanding, clearer vision and better alignment (among people, roles, priorities, and viewpoints).


Leadership Therapy is an approach that serves the interests and needs of anyone in senior management in an institution – a non-profit, a foundation or an enterprise – who wants to be more effective, more balanced and better at integrating the individual talents and potential of him/herself and him/her team.  It’s for those who feel stuck; who are in the middle of an exciting but exhausting startup; or who have become stale and want a jolt of fresh energy and ideas.  It’s for the leader who knows that more is possible, but may be hazy on how to identify what that looks like and how to get there.  It’s for the courageous, the curious and those committed to making an even greater impact.


This work has helped dozens of leaders across the country (and even some overseas) who wanted peak performance, an ability to sustain themselves through intense periods of growth or challenge, and greater finesse in managing and inspiring staff and key constituents.  Numerous clients have found stronger and warmer voices, created smarter and more actionable plans, and developed personal practices that support their vision and their health.  They’ve become more honest, more compassionate, more present and more agile. 

If you want to explore whether Leadership Therapy is right for you, send a note and let’s talk.  Your future self will thank you!